Obama Spent $117 Billion In Afghanistan That Can’t Be Accounted For

Obama Spent $117 Billion In Afghanistan

Day after day we listen to the Trump/Russia fake scandal, while the real criminals Obama and Hillary get away with there many crimes!

It’s about time the media started reporting that the U.S. Inspector General who was supervising the $117 billion reconstruction of war torn Afghanistan has alerted authorities to a massive act of negligence committed by President Obama.

According to Patriot Beacon, John Sopko, the Inspector General, discovered during his rounds in Afghanistan that there was no way to track the number of soldiers, police, teachers and civil servants being financed by the United States.

Sopko asserts that former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani told him in an aside parley that Obama was spending millions on paychecks for people who did not exist. They were essentially ‘ghost soldiers’.

“There are around 10,000 police personnel in the structure of police force in Helmand plus 16,000 army soldiers along with public protection forces and border security forces,” the chief of police for Helmand province reported “According to my information, 40 to 50 percent of the force did not exist physically when we asked for help during operations. Salaries of ghost soldiers had been received during the past eight months and the money has gone to personal accounts.”

Sopko concurred, saying that the hundreds of millions of lost revenue was due to absolute fraud, with the proceeds being pocketed by “officers, generals, or officials higher up.”

Despite repeated attempts to get Obama to crack down on the fraud, nothing concrete was done.

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