Trey Gowdy Continues His Attack On Obama With This New Information

Trey Gowdy

South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy doesn’t like former President Obama and has been on a mission to expose for the lying criminal that he is. He came one step closer to this goal last week, when he got an ATF special agent to admit three secrets Obama has been hiding from the American people.

Mad World News reported that Gowdy was questioning former ATF Special Agent John Dodson as he sat next to the mother of murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Gowdy was asking the agent questions about Obama’s secretive operation “Fast and Furious,” which saw the ATF purposely leak guns to cartels so that they could be “tracked.” The operation ended up costing Terry his life, and Gowdy wasn’t about to let Dodson off the hook for it.

Watch as Gowdy backs Dodson into a corner and gets him to admit something about Obama that millions of us have known all along.

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