Senile Nancy Pelosis Calls President Trump, Bush Once Again – Video

Senile Nancy Pelosis

Nancy Pelosi once again called President Trump, President Bush as we see in this hilarious video!

It seems that every time she opens her mouth now she puts her foot in it, so it leaves us wonder if she is going senile?

The latest incident happened while she was addressing an audience, and referred to Trump as “President Bush.” This is not the first time she’s done this, in fact, another time she did it she said, “I’m so sorry President Bush, I never thought I would pray for the day you were president again”

Holding up four fingers, Pelosi tries to explain something, “Follow this…New Yorkers have said to me, those that have had business dealings with him, he operates this way. First, he tries to charm you, President Bush tries to charm you.” Reporters attempted to help the moron and shouted out Trump but she didn’t hear it.

Since this is not the first time she has incorrectly referred to President Trump as President Bush, her staffers could not deal with it again. They immediately wanted to correct her so she would not embarrass them any further. They handed her a note to let her know that she screwed up again.

What do you think?

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