Muslim Leader Reveals Islam’s True Goals In MUST Watch Video

Muslim Leader

Liberals have been saying for years that Islam is a religion of peace, well Islam Is Not A Religion of Peace as revealed by Radical Islamic leader Imam Anjem Choudary.

It real is a political theory of conquest that seeks domination by any means it can, so they don’t want freedom they simply want to take over the world.

Imam Anjem Choudary went on the Sean Hannity Show, where he explained what the true nature of the Muslim people and of the Islam as a religion real is.

Saying to him, Islam does NOT mean peace, it means submissions. Among Imam’s beliefs are that whoever insults their Prophet Mohammad should be killed, and also the people who leave the Islamic faith should be killed too.

It is clear to us now that Islam is not a peaceful religion and has cult like characteristics, and is completely incompatible with our Constitution and the nature of our free society.

While none of us here like what he said at least he is honest.

What do you think?

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