What This Dem Said Even Shocked The Hosts On CNN

Sen. Chris Murphy

Democratic Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy shocked Trump hating CNN hosts Poppy Harlow and John Berman when he blamed Trump’s rhetoric about Muslims for the suicide bombing in Manchester, England.

“You said, ‘Many of us are worried about the rhetoric from the Trump administration because we worry that combined with the robust online recruitment it might end up in an attack like this,’ talking about Manchester, ‘on the United States,’” CNN host Harlow said Wednesday, quoting Murphy.

“Are you saying that you believe the rhetoric of the president makes this country more vulnerable for a terrorist attack right now?” Harlow asked.

“I am saying that,” Murphy replied.

Berman took his turn pushing back on Murphy, asking why there will still so many terror attacks on the United States when Obama was president despite using “far different rhetoric.”

Caught, Murphy tried to avoid the question and did not explain how Obama’s rhetoric may have helped ISIS recruiters.

Harlow finally questioned Murphy if he still believed Trump’s rhetoric is dangerous after his softened speech this week in Saudi Arabia.

Murphy tried to brush if off saying, “It doesn’t cancel out all of the terrible things he’s said about the Muslim religion in the past.”

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