Trey Gowdy Hints That The Entire Government Could Be Brought Down – Video

Trey Gowdy

Rep. Trey Gowdy has withdrawn his name from the FBI director’s job say America deserves someone better. Sighting his year in politics as the reason believing that he will not be viewed as impartial, he said that America need someone now to lead the FBI that is viewed as above reproach.

During an interview with Fox News he revealed more when asked about the Hillary Clinton investigation, hinting that there is more to Hillary’s corruption than we are being told.

Gowdy did not hold back when he “point blank” laid out the entire corrupted situation:

“There is enough for her and the entire government to be brought down…People do not realize how enormous this whole situation actually is.”

“The problem is with the Clinton Foundation as I mentioned, which you should just imagine as a massive spider web of connections and money laundering implicating hundreds of high-level people.”

Gowdy believes that James Comey refused to prosecute Hillary Clinton because then the FBI would be pitted against the entire D.C. establishment. It is not in our best interest to protect government agencies from the consequences of their corruption.

This is why President Trump completely drain the swamp once and for all!

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