Lou Dobbs Says Dems Are Trying To Steal Trump’s Presidency

Lou Dobbs

Fox Business News host Lou Dobbs agrees with president Trump that the attacks on him are nothing more than a ‘witch hunt’.

Dobbs said. “Mr. Trump is correct, this is a witch hunt. In my view, what we are witnessing is nothing less than a coup attempt.”

Blaming Democrats who turned a blind eye to eight years of Obama lawlessness, yet rushed to appoint an independent counsel to look into Trump’s legal execution of executive authority.

“Article two section three of the Constitution charges that the President ‘shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed’”, said Dobbs. Who went on to call Obama’s track record one of flagrant lies, cover ups and scandals such as the IRS persecution of Tea Party non-profits, the deadly ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal, the Benghazi cover-up, and the Clinton email fiasco.

All of the above never produced a special counsel, an indictment or articles of impeachment. In fact, Obama and his minions defied Congress over and over again, before walking away without even a slap on the wrist.

Dobbs has correctly pointed out the hypocrisy and crimes of the previous administration that were allowed to pass by these same Dems for the last eight years.

The left and the media really are, as Dobbs points out, trying to steal the presidency and they should be called on it!

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