Churches Continue To Defy Federal Immigration By Sheltering Illegals

Churches Continue To Defy Federal Immigration

Today in America there are over 800 sanctuary churches and synagogues that are defying US immigration laws by giving shelter to illegals.

While these misguided churches think they are helping ‘good people’ they are in fact harboring criminals who should be facing deportation.

The churches and synagogues are teaming up with about 600 cities and counties that are so-called sanctuary cities. These places feel that they are above the law and have no respect for hard working Americas.

Now more than 800 houses of worship across the country have volunteered to shelter illegal immigrants and their families who face deportation in open defiance of  federal laws and daring agents to step through their doors.

In no other venue of the law has so much of the nation stood in defiance of Washington.

Federal agents can arrest them in the church, but U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, has a decades-long policy of avoiding places of worship, schools, and hospitals.

In rare cases, ICE officers have made arrests near schools and churches. A man was arrested in California dropping his child off at school, and in Virginia, while several illegal immigrants were arrested shortly after walking out of a church, leaving many to wonder where are the lines once the border’s been crossed?

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