Trump Is Going To Ask For Money To Build The Wall Next Tuesday – Liberals Freaking

The Wall

President Donald Trump ran for president on the promise that he would build a wall along the U.S./Mexico border to stopped illegals from getting in. Liberals made fun of his plan, claiming that there would be no way that Trump could ever pay for this.

Now the president is following though on his promise and liberals are starting to freak out.

Next Tuesday, President Donald Trump will ask Congress to provide $2.6 billion funding in the September budget deal for border infrastructure in 2018, including the construction of new border walls, as was reported in the New York Times.

According to officials, $1.6 billion of that money would go toward materials to build the wall. That would initially be used for continuing the levy [sic] wall in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and replacing existing fencing in El Paso and in San Diego.

The remaining $1 billion would go toward planning for the rest of the wall and other security measures.

The Times‘ report did not explain how many extra miles of border fences or walls would be built, or even how much of the money would be spent building a fence or wall, but it did report that:

the government intends to buy all sorts of equipment that will supplement or substitute for a physical wall. The budget request will allocate $239 million for aircraft and aviation sensors; $197 million for fixed surveillance technology, including towers, radar and cameras; and $202 million for what it described as “critical equipment” such as radios, computers and weapons … [plus] $111 million allocated for roads to gain access to parts of the border that are now hard to reach.

“Levee wall” is a term for strong flood-control walls alongside rivers, particularly along the Rio Grande river which marks the border with Mexico.

Trump’s primary promise in his 2016 campaign was the construction of the border wall, which is being desperately resisted by legislators who went to preserve the northward flow of roughly 550,000 illegal immigrant workers and customers per year up to businesses and donors in their districts.

However, illegal immigration has less of an impact on Americans than does the federal government’s policy of inflating the new labor supply by roughly 25 percent. Each year, four million young Americans enter the labor force, but the federal government also invites 1 million legal immigrants and 1 million temporary workers to compete for jobs against Americans. Also, legislators in Congress have proposed many bills to further increase the legal inflow of foreign workers.

The $2.6 billion request “seems less ambition, there’s no question about it,” said Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies. The modest request may suggest they are trying to reduce opposition from Democrats in Congress, Krikorian added. “Maybe they’re trying to come up with something that [Democratic leader Chuck] Schumer won’t shut down the government over… but there’s no reason Schumer won’t threaten a government shutdown in September over wall funding — he did that in April and he got away with it.”

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