President Trump Arrives In Saudi Arabia And Is Greeted With Respect

President Trump Arrives In Saudi Arabia

We noticed a BIG difference when President Trump arrived in Saudi Arabia compared to when Obama visited the country back in 2009. Unlike Obama, Trump was greeted by King Salman himself, and had the red carpet rolled out for him, but most importantly Trump did not bow.

Lets look back to when Obama landed in Saudi Arabia: There was no red carpet, and no King anyhere to be found. Later when finally meeting with the king, Obama bowed to King Abdullah, breaking with official State Department policy that advises the U.S. president to not bow to any world leaders.

The point here is that President Trump gets respect and world leaders showed little respect to Obama.

Here’s President Trump in Saudi Arabia:

Now, here’s the disgraceful Obama in Saudi Arabia:

The press also noted that Melania and Ivanka Trump were not wearing the traditional Islamic headscarves known as the “hijab” while in Saudi Arabia on Saturday. But they did wear long sleeves and pants in keeping with the Islamic country’s strict dress code for women.

Previous first ladies, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton, also didn’t wear the headscarf while in Saudi Arabia with their President husbands.

President Trump has started his first international trip, which will see him make stops in Israel, Italy and Belgium. First lady Melania will accompany the President for the entire trip, while Ivanka is expected to only accompany her father for six days.

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