Ann Coulter Says Bill And Hillary Are The Ones That Should Be Worried About A Special Counsel

Bill And Hillary

Ann Coulter gave a list of Washington politicians who should be worried about the coming special counsel, headed by Robert Mueller.

After The New York Times published a story claiming that Trump told then FBI Director James Comey drop the investigation into Michael Flynn, the media flipped out.

Wednesday the Department of Justice named former FBI director Robert Mueller as a special counsel to investigate charges that Trump and Russian officials colluded during the former’s run for president last year.

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According to The Washington Times, some of the top US intelligence officials are expressing frustration at the media hysteria that President Trump may have shared sensitive intelligence with top Russian diplomats last week, with some accusing news organizations of hyping what amounts to a non story.

Critics of the story say Mr. Trump was within his rights as commander in chief to share classified intelligence as he sees fit. They also say the criticism overlooks how President Obama and his top aides shared intelligence with Russia in the fight against the Islamic State group and faced several crises of their own with damaging intelligence leaks.

“People are making way too big a deal of this,” one senior U.S. intelligence said.

Mostly likely this so-called investigations will find nothing.

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