CNN Reporter Joe Johns Tries To Slam Trump In Epic Fail – Video

CNN Reporter Joe Johns

This CNN reporter has an epic fail as he attempted to slam President Trump live on TV!

Reporter Joe Johns got so excited in his attack on Trump that his brain stopped working, and his mouth kept on going in the must watch video that shows him stumble and stutter trying to make a point.

It all happened when CNN cut to Washington correspondent Joe Johns to give viewers updates on Donald Trump and James Comey, but it quickly fell apart.

“Now, the president also talking about his interactions with the fired FBI director James Comey and indicating that,” Johns said before he stuttered for a bit, “among other things, he thinks James Comey is, uh.”

“Let me start again,” Johns said.

“What the president did say, uh, about James Comey, uh, in his tweets certainly, that Comey was, uh,” Johns tried to continue before stuttering for a few seconds again, “giving up certain information, in other words, that he might not or should not be giving.”


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