Alan Dershowitz Saying Trump Can’t Be Impeached Because He Committed No Crime

Alan Dershowitz

Democrats are falling over themselves and our lying liberal news media are pushing for support to President Trump’s impeachment over what Alan Dershowitz says is  NOTHING.

Once again, the Dems are making up info about the Russia-Trump probe, with no evidence, or facts to back up any of it.

Alan Dershowitz: Well first of all I don’t see any evidence of collusion, and second even if there was major collusion, that’s not a crime. Even hypothetically if the administration or the candidate got together with the Russians and said, “Please help me become president. Do whatever you can to help me.” That wouldn’t be a crime… The most serious condemnations that have been made have nothing to do with criminal conduct. Collusion with the Russians is not criminal conduct.

Fortunately some liberals, like Alan Dershowitz are asking, “What’s the CRIME?”

What do you think?

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  1. Dershowitz also said Hillary was in the clear with the whole email issue. You guys gonna let that go now, too?

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