17% Of Workers In The US are Foreign Born

17% Of Workers

Ever wonder why it seems harder to find a job? Well a new report just out shows that 17% of the American labor force are foreign-born!

This is a shocking number but it put what has been happening under Obama in perspective and it’s now up to President Trump to make sure US jobs go to Americans.

17% means that there are 27 million immigrants in the U.S. labor force, as of last year, with Hispanics accounted for 48 percent of the foreign-born workforce, while Asians made up 25 percent.

Foreign-born workers were more likely to be employed in the service industry and less likely to be employed in management, professional and related occupations.

The share of foreign-born workers that make up the American workforce has steadily risen over the last six years, following a modest decline during the great recession, according to Bloomberg.

From 1996 to 2016, the entire labor force grew by about 25 million, with almost half of that coming from people born outside of the U.S.

Foreign born workers also account have a higher participation in the labor market.

In 2016, the labor force participation rate of the foreign born was 65.2 percent, unchanged from 2015.

Comparatively, the participation rate for the native-born was 62.3 percent in 2016.

The participation rate of foreign-born men was 77.8 percent in 2016, higher than the rate of 67.5 percent for native-born men.

53.4 percent of foreign-born women were labor force participants, lower than the rate of 57.5 percent for native-born women.

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