Muslim Mother Threatens To Sue School Over Free Lunch Program

Muslim Mother Threatens To Sue

A Muslim mother claims her daughter’s elementary school refuses to respect the family’s Muslim religious beliefs and by continuously giving her child food containing pork.

The mother is now threatening to sue her local school board if they don’t stop offering pork products in their school lunches. The Tuscon school board outright denied the request, telling the mom to instead pack her daughter a lunch.

From Tuscon News Now, “Even though the district is not required to accommodate special dietary needs based solely on religious purposes, our district nutritionist and food services staff plan menus that are compliant and meet the various nutritional guidelines, as well as include food options that are the best fit for the food preferences of the school. We encourage families with children with any special dietary needs to make sure they are educating their children about what to look for so they know what is acceptable and what they should avoid. Our menus are always posted online and you can request the ingredient list for any food item you are unsure about. In situations where there are special food requirements or restrictions, we encourage you to meet with our district nutritionist to discuss the best options for your family. The best way to ensure a meal meets any special dietary needs is to send a meal from home that you have prepared. Every child is different and we do our best to ensure a healthy, accommodating environment for all of our students.”

Nancy’s, (the Muslim mother) daughter is a second grader at Holaway Elementary School but this Muslim mother wasn’t satisfied so she went to the local news networks before threatening to initiating a lawsuit.

Nancy provided a doctor’s note explaining that her second-grade daughter was Muslim and could not eat any pork products.

The Amphitheater Unified School District said they would avoid serving the student pork even though they are not required to accommodate religiously-motivated diets.

The mother was quiet, until her daughter was served a bacon cheeseburger in December. Horrified, the mother complained to the principal who, again, reminded Nancy that if she wanted to avoid pork she would need to pack a lunch.

Instead of taking responsibility, the Muslim mother decided to let it slide, that is, until last week, when her daughter was sent home with a granola bar containing gelatin, a pork byproduct.

Nancy was furious and immediately turned to the local press to chastise the school. She told Tuscon News Now that packing a lunch was not a solution to the problem. “I want my religion to matter to you guys. My daughter shouldn’t have to go to school and be fearful of what’s she’s eating,” she said.

“We told them we could send a lunch but at that same time she doesn’t want to have to be that different child,” continued the Muslim mother, making her intentions clear. It is not enough for her child to avoid pork, but the entire school needs to accommodate her religion so her daughter does not feel excluded.

Muslim immigrants feel entitled to have their religious beliefs instilled into law and to receive special protections instead of assimilating. That’s just not right.

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