Democrat Dennis Kucinich Reveals The Truth About Obama’s ‘Deep State’

Obama's 'Deep State'

It’s no secret that Obama has plans to bring down President Trump in order to save his legacy.

And now we’re learning more about how he plans to do it using the “Deep State”. It made up of unelected officials within the intelligence community, who are working tirelessly to take down President Trump with leaks, misinformation campaign, and fake stories like Trump-Russia probe and the Comey memo story.

During a segment on Sean Hannity’s show, Democrat Dennis Kucinich agreed that Obama’s deep state is trying to destroy Trump’s presidency.

And they are no the only ones trying to destroy Trump, liberal media like CNN have gone overboard with their attacks on President Trump.

CNN reporter Dana Bash used her airtime to bash the President for his demeanor towards the unelected 4th branch of government, the ‘intelligence community.’

Bash suggested the recent leaks that depicted Trump leaking ‘top secret’ intel to the Russians, and the Comey memos, were acts of revenge by people inside the IC for the way that the President fired Director Comey.

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  1. I don’t understand why people who gossip and lie about other people aren’t shunned by society. It used to be that such displays of pure hatred, childish outbursts, and violence could be controlled by social norms. But now hatred, blame, “taking things that aren’t yours–like the Presidency” have become the norm. We need to flip the script, in the nicest way.

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