Clinton Foundation Isn’t Much Of A Charity After All

Clinton Foundation

It seem that the Clinton Foundation isn’t much of a charity at all. CNBC has reported that in 2015, the Clinton’s made $10.6 million, and paid a federal tax rate of 34 percent.

Their released tax returns show that in 2015, they paid $3.6 million in taxes on adjusted gross income of $10.6 million.

To get a lower tax rate, the Clinton’s have conveniently been giving millions to their own charity and then deducting it.

What a clever racket. Not only can they lower their tax rate, they can just redirect that money through their charity back into their own pockets. But this is probably the least bad thing they use the foundation for.

While Secretary of State, Clinton would use her broad powers to help other nations and their leaders out, so long as they made a sizable donation to their charity.

During the election, some Republicans tried to bring this information to light, but the media was having none of it.

Rep. Blackburn (R-TN) said in the run-up to the DNC convention last year that he’d asked the FBI, IRS, and Federal Trade Commission to examine the dealings of the foundation.

“From the information we have been able to gather, it appears the Clinton Foundation is a ‘pay to play’ sham charity that needs to be investigated,” Blackburn said in a statement on Tuesday.

“The Clintons have used their Foundation to personally enrich themselves at the expense of American foreign policy. At a minimum, the Foundation’s tax-exempt status needs to be reviewed and revoked immediately,“ he added.

Strange how “public servants” have amassed a fortune worth over $200 million, and that’s just the known finances.

The mountains of evidence concerning their crimes and unethical behavior should be enough to put them in jail, or at the very least, disqualify them from any office.

But the Left is so dishonest and uncaring about integrity that they can’t let go of the dream of Hillary becoming the president. It’s pathetic really, that they’re so in the tank for her and her criminal syndicate of a family.

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