Will Trey Gowdy Be The New FBI Director – He Said YES!

Trey Gowdy

Most of us are hoping that Trey Gowdy will be the new Director of the FBI, and I can now tell you that he has indeed said YES to the job after President Trump asked him.

So far Trump has asked 4 people if they were interested in the job, and the President is hinting at a quick decision on who will get it.

Gowdy is certainly qualified for the job, and there is no denying that the congressman from Greenville, S.C. has the skills to fix the FBI because he doesn’t take any crap from any one.

Several other names have been floated as candidates for the nation’s top law enforcement post, which became vacant earlier this week when Trump fired former director James Comey.

Most Americans want Gowdy to head up the FBI after he went after Hillary Clinton for her use of an illegal server, and because he attacked Comey for not charging her.

Of course Hillary doesn’t want Gowdy in charge of the FBI because she knows she’ll be going to jail for her crimes!

What do you think?

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