Watch President Trump’s Commencement Speech At Liberty University

Trump's Commencement Speech

This morning President Trump gave a speech that was truly inspiring as he offered words of encouragement to the graduate students at Liberty University. While it was a commencement speech to the university, it really was a message was for all Americans.

As reported by Fox News:

Trump insisted that he has personally witnessed “how the system is broken” during his first few months in our nations capital as he warned the students to never allow the “failed” institutions to stop them from accomplishing their dreams.

The president received the loudest applause when said that we cannot allow the establishment to dictate our lives and tell us how we should live. This was a major difference — amongst many other things — between Trump and Hillary Clinton. People are sick and tired of being told what to think and that they should always be careful so that someone doesn’t get offended if you offer a differing opinion. Trump has destroyed those liberal talking points for good.

“A small group of failed voices who think they know everything and understand everyone want to tell everybody else how to live and what to do and how to think,” Trump said. “But you aren’t going to let other people tell you what you believe, especially when you know that you’re right.”

Trump told the packed stadium that we don’t need a lecture from Washington establishments on how we should be living our lives, saying;

“As you build good lives, you will also be rebuilding our nation. You’ll be leaders in your communities, stewards of great institutions and defenders of liberty,” Trump added. “And as long as America remains true to its values, loyal to its citizens and devoted to its Creator, then our best days are yet to come, I can promise you that.”

“As long as I am your president, no one is ever going to stop you from practicing your faith,” Trump told the graduates of the Christian university.

Liberty’s president, Jerry Falwell Jr., presented Trump with an honorary doctorate degree for everything he has done so far for this country, in front of a crowd which exceed 50,000.

It’s great to see our President receiving the respect that he deserves.This speech is why he will Make America Great Again!

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