Fake News Alert! FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe Refutes Request For Extra Funding

Andrew McCabe

Yesterday, FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe debunks reports that the fired former director James Comey sought additional funding for the Russia investigation.

McCabe, who has worked closely with Comey who was firing last Tuesday night, threw the whole Democrat spin against President Donald Trump and the Russians under the bus.

The Democrat strategy which is being pushed by MSN to attack our new president is all a bunch of LIES. It’s NOT TRUE that former FBI Director James Comey asked for additional resources to investigate the connection between President Trump and the Russian government!

McCabe was very clear during the testimony that he was not aware Director Comey had ever asked for more resources. Adding that the way the media, and the Democrats, had said Director Comey had gone about asking for additional resources just isn’t how things are done in the FBI.

Once again the Democrats and the Liberal mainstream media have been caught spreading lies as they once again attack the Trump Administration.

It was just a 6 months ago that the Dems were calling for Comey’s head, when he investigated Hillary Clinton, over her mismanagement of classified emails and her using an illegal email server in her own home’s home.

Can the Dems go any lower?

What do you think?

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