AG Jeff Sessions Fires 46 Obama Appointees

Jeff Sessions Fires 46 Obama Appointees

Trump promised to drain the swamp, and he’s hard at work, staring with getting the right people in office to help him accomplish that. For yeas America is flooded with Obama appointees as his lefty loyalist took over every US institution.

Now the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions who promised President Trump that he will do his job properly, just fired 46 Obama-appointed federal prosecutors. Robert Capers was the first to react. “This afternoon, I was instructed to resign my position as United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, effective March 10, 2017. It has been my greatest honor to serve my country, New York City and the people of this district for almost 14 years, with the last 17 months serving as United States Attorney,” he stated.

Attorney General Sessions asked the 46 chief prosecutors to “ensure a uniform transition.” This means that none of them isn’t supposed to make a problem while leaving their position.

The Justice Department stated that many of the US attorneys nominated by Obama have left their offices. As confirmed by its statement, the US Attorney General asked the remaining 46 presidentially appointed US attorneys to “tender” the resignations, and provide a “uniform transition.”

President Trump is doing an excellent job by draining the swamp. He is removing Obama’s puppets from the top positions, and that’s a good sign. There is finally hope for this country, and we all cheer to the President’s decisions.

What do you think about this? Do you support President Trump and his decision to fire those US general attorneys and replace them with someone who carries their job properly?

What do you think?

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