Trey Gowdy Sets Trap For Susan Rice That Could Land Her In Prison

Trey Gowdy

Trey Gowdy is not letting the former national security adviser Susan Rice’s of the hook after her refusal to testify before Congress over their investigation into the alleged Russian hacking, saying that if he needs to, he’ll subpoena Rice, and force her to sit before Gowdy’s subcommittee.

Several days ago Rice refused a request to testify before the committee, blaming Sen. Lindsay Graham for not having bipartisan support.

Gowdy appeared on “America’s Newsroom” on Fox News, where he told host Bill Hemmer that they’ll take a more forceful approach with Rice, as she is a “very important witness.”

“There are other ways to invite people other than via a letter,” Gowdy said. “There are things called subpoenas. You shouldn’t have to use them with a former national security adviser, but if you do, you do.”

Gowdy speculated that Rice’s refusal to testify may be that the information she has is sensitive, but says this is why he’s having these meetings behind closed doors.

“Members of Congress don’t pick the witnesses, lawyers don’t pick witnesses. Facts pick the witnesses.”

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