Muslims Flee Arizona For Welcoming Minnesota

Muslims Flee Arizona

Two months after arriving in Phoenix, Bilad Yusuf, a Somali refugee and her seven kids are packing up their bags and heading to Minnesota. Why, well it’s because welfare in Arizona isn’t free and after refusing to learn English they can’t get work in the state.

It was Obama that brought these people here and for most of them the Federal Government financial support has run out. States like Arizona aren’t so eager to start supporting them, so many are heading to the Muslim friendly state of Minnesota.

Yusuf said, “We didn’t know how to get jobs here, and even if we did, we didn’t know how we’d get to them,” she complained in her native tongue which had to be interpreted by a translator. It seems that Yusuf has actually been in the U.S. for longer than her time in Arizona, as she and her kids were first dropped off in Houston before being transferred to Phoenix.

“Stranded in the urban sprawl without a car, they found themselves lost: Where were they supposed to get groceries? How did they go about setting up long-overdue doctor’s appointments? How would they pay rent after their initial stipend from the U.S. government ran out?” Phoenix New Times reported. Fortunately for the states taxpayers the state decided the refugees need to answer these questions for themselves.

If lefties had actual thought thinks though they would have released that integrating Muslim refugees into America wasn’t going to be an easy thing. Now this family are on their way to Minnesota where, like the majority of Somali Muslims in the country, they have family there. Minnesota is also one of the most refugee-friendly states in the nation, catering more to these Muslims over their own citizens.


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