Here’s A List Of Crimes Committed By Hillary Clinton

Crimes Committed By Hillary Clinton

Crimes Committed By Hillary Clinton

Jay Sekulow and Monica Crowley react on ‘Hannity’ to revelations from the FBI director’s Senate Hearing, after he dropped a huge bombshell yesterday.

During his testimony today in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, FBI Director James Comey revealed why he decided to give a press conference critical of Hillary’s handing of classified information so close to Election Day, despite recommending no charges and providing no “smoking gun” evidence against her.

list of Hillary Clinton crimes

Sekulow believes Comey has a “selective disclosure disease” and is completely incapable of being honest.

Crowley reminds us all this is why Trump’s “Drain the Swamp” message and that Hillary should still be prosecuted.

Sean Hannity is quick to point out that the average person knows that if someone else had done what Hillary had done they would be prosecuted to the highest degree.

We could not possibly agree more.


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