Sean Hannity Attacks Cry Baby Left After Latest Freak Out

Sean Hannity

Fox News reporter Sean Hannity has had enough of the cry babies producers of The View, that’s why he recently put his foot down and took down Whoopi and company in a brutal way.

Sean Hannity, “The collective freak-out from the crybaby left is now reaching mind-numbing levels.”

The “View” is full of old ignorant women, that have nowhere else to go. They need to stop spewing their hatred and their pointless views.

Targeting Whoopi Goldberg for her saying that women now need to “watch their uteruses” with Trump in the White House, Hannity said, “Ladies, your uteruses will be fine.”

he then criticized left wing Hollywood stars Tina Fey and Michael Moore, addressed Michael Moore he said, “Michael, calm down. The suffering happened under Obama. Thirteen million more Americans that are on food stamps, eight million more in poverty, lowest labor participation rate since the 70s, that’s Obama’s policies.”

It’s shameful that the networks allow these people to spew their hatred on national television. With all of this President Trump hating going on, I’m sometimes ashamed of our leaders. Do they not want America to recover from some of the worst years that we have had lately?

What do you think?

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