North Korea Raises The Stakes With Their Latest Propaganda Video

North Korea

Now the Russian President Vladimir Putin joined China and others countries in warning both sides of the North Korea/United States conflict to calm down and to avoid a war.

This at the same time as North Korea released this propaganda which shows the destruction of a US city.

This video was released a few days after the North Korea held massive artillery drills in a show of force. It was about the same time that President Trump called an important meeting of the US Senators at the White House to discuss further actions that need to be taken.

In this latest video, it shows US Naval ships being hit by North Korean missiles. This is another provocative action from the unstable leader, Kim Jong-Un. President Trump has warned North Korea to stop making threats but they refuse to listen.

As tensions heat up, the chance of a mistake by either side increase the risk of all out war breaking out. Kim doesn’t seem to understand that Trump is not like spineless Obama and won’t hesitate to take military action if necessary.

Do you think war will break out soon?

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