Paul Ryan’s Approval Rating Drops – Time To Show Him The Door

Paul Ryan's Approval Rating Drops

More bad news today for Paul Ryan as a new poll gives him only a 22% approval rating. It seems that Americans are blaming him for failed effort to repeal and replace Obamacare.

That signature bill had to be withdrawn because of not enough support. Now the credibility of Ryan’s ability to deliver legislative victories in the House took a major hit from the failure of his health care bill, and now some members of Congress are calling for his replacement.

And President Trump is not pleased with Ryan’s performance and has called for for just about everything except his resignation. Paul Ryan needs to step it up if he wants to continue being the Speaker of the House. He has been falling apart for a long time and some even look at him as a Obama apologist. But in any case, he is the Speaker right now and he needs to figure out how he can better bring this country together.

What do you think, should Ryan go?

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