John McCain Quits GOP And Joins Dems!

John McCain

It sure seems like John McCain should retire because he has just quit the GOP and joined the Democrats! We’re NOT kidding,

Perhaps he has alzheimer’s or dementia because this is an extreme flip for a lifelong republican, and even worse, read how he justified this.

“I am and always will be opposed to Donald Trump. In fact, I’ve decided that any party that supports him supports the worst America has to offer. For that reason, I’m leaving the GOP and Caucusing as an independent with the Democrats,” McCain said.

All of his fellow Senators were shocked and puzzled to hear these comments by their long time colleague, and are wondering what’s next for him.

What do you think?

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  1. Here is a guy who has such poor judgement. It brings to mind the American Greed episode where John is getting on yacht of con man who riped off millions looking for a campaign contribution. We should have voted him out last Senate run. He like Mitt backed up so many times to accommodate an easily beatable Barry the community organizer!! Shame on you John McCain. Go hang with Hillary, Barry & Bernie!!!

  2. McCain always prided himself on being a maverick; I suspect he first signed on with the GOP because independents have no campaign money. Anyway, he’s very close to the end of his career, isn’t likely to run again for anything, and I suppose he wanted to go out with a bang.

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