Jeff Sessions Gives California A Warning – Don’t Go Sanctuary

Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Session stood in front of a razor wire capped border fence near San Diego and delivered a stern warning to California: Don’t Go Sanctuary!

Sessions was joined by Secretary John Kelly as they held a press conference standing on a service road along side the US/Mexico border.

He talked about the importance of stopping human trafficking along the border and reaffirmed Trump’s commitment to border security.

Kelly said, “There’s nothing the Attorney General and I want more than to put human smugglers out of business.

Attorney General Sessions mentioned the morale boost among law enforcement staff, and praised the progress of the Trump administration. “It’s exceeded what I thought possible so far.”

After warning about the danger gangs like MS-13 crossing the border, he warned that California should not declare itself a Sanctuary State!

Reminding the crowd, he said, “It was nearly two years ago that Kate Steinle was shot and killed, dying in her father’s arms, along Pier 14 in San Francisco. The alleged shooter was an illegal immigrant with seven prior felony convictions who had been deported from this country five times.”

“So today, the Department of Justice sent letters to nine jurisdictions that were identified — by the Obama administration — as having policies that potentially violate federal law and which receive millions in federal grants. These jurisdictions have until June 30th to send their legal justifications for why they are not in violation of federal law — and the state of California is one of these jurisdictions. … Sanctuary jurisdictions have put known gang members back on the streets.”

Adding, “I urge New York, California, and other jurisdictions to reconsider.”

The California State Senate passed a “sanctuary state” bill, SB 54, that still awaits passage by the State Assembly before proceeding to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk.

Kelly, and  Sessions, were concluding a two-day visit to the border, which began in El Paso, Texas on Thursday and concluded in San Diego at the Otai Mesa Detention Facility..

On Friday, Secretary Kelly told Kate Bolduan of CNN that President Barack Obama had presided over a “very, very open border” and that Obama had done “nothing” to secure the border and enforce immigration law internally.

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