Judge Jeanine Sits Down With Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions – Video

Jeff Sessions

Judge Jeanine Pirro sat down with our Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions for a hard hitting interview where they talk about the border wall and sanctuary cities.

Pirro asked Sessions about his resent trip to the Mexican border where he said that if you want to come to America ‘do it legally’.

Adding, “This is a new era. This is a Trump era. Catch and release policies of the past are over”.

When asked about sanctuary cites Sessions said, “We’re going to put pressure on these cities, we’re going to battle them every step of the way.”

Sessions said he won’t back down on his plan to withhold grant money from cities that do not abide by federal immigration laws.

He added that some police departments don’t agree with their orders to ignore ICE detainers, but must operate obey the mayor.

It was earlier this week that Sessions said illegal immigrant criminals and drug cartels are turning American cities into “warzones.”

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