The New Democratic Party Leader Is 78 Year Old Maxine Waters!

Maxine Waters

Just when you think things can’t get any worse for the Dems, this happens! Maxine Waters, the 78 year old who confuses Syria with North Korea is now the new leader of the Democratic Party.

Just last week Waters criticized President Trump for temporarily banning Syrian refugees and pushed a petition which wanted the admittance of 100,000 refugees to the United States. held a publicized telephone call with Waters on Sunday when she claimed that if Trump “really cared about the plight of Syrian children … he would rescind his executive order banning Syrian refugees.”

Waters criticized Trump’s bombing of Syria saying his “emotions” guided his actions. Then she said America should open its doors to even more refugees.

“We really have to do everything that we possibly can, not only to allow those Syrians who want to leave to be able to come to the United States, and, you are absolutely correct. If he cared so much about the children, he would not have the travel ban that will not allow them in,” Waters said.

“These poor Syrians, even those leaving their homes and, you know, trying to find safe places in that country that are basically starving.

“They don’t have the food. We have not done enough in my estimation to try and get lanes, safe lanes, in order to deliver food and keep them alive,” she said.

“And those that are trying to get out, should be allowed to come to this country and I certainly support MoveOn and will sign to make sure that we continue to fight for them to be able to come to this country, the 100,000 or so, that you basically have identified in the petition,” Waters said.

MoveOn is building its contact list by circulating a petition demanding 100,000 new refugees.

“The U.S. government must match the generous and humanitarian impulses of the American people and live up to our international responsibilities to support the people of Syria—by expediting the acceptance and resettlement of 100,000 Syrian refugees.”

When we say ‘drain the swamp’ Waters fits this description to a tee!

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