Is Obama Guilty Of Sedition? These People Think So!


Ever since Trump has taken over the Presidency, we are learning more about Obama’s secret plot to take him down. First we learned that Obama is the leader behind Organization For Action (OFA), who’s sole purpose is to “resist” Trump at all costs.

Now some people are calling his actions ‘sedition’. This is a serious crime with a stiff penalty if you are convicted of it.

It’s falls under U.S. code 2384, and could prove to be quite an unfortunate for Obama, since he could face 20 years in prison for breaking it.

Just yesterday it was reported that Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood ex-senior advisor Valerie Jarret is moving into Obama’s house which is two miles from the White House. Why you ask, well it’s to help him build a campaign of attacks against President Trump. Former Attorney General Eric Holder confirmed this on Tuesday, publicly stating that Obama is in fact trying to take Trump down, saying the former president is now returning to Washington as a full time political operative.

“It’s coming. He’s coming,” Holder said, “And he’s ready to roll.”

A source close to Obama said that Obama was “weary” after 8 years in office and had to “be convinced” to lead the insurgency against Trump, but has now “come to embrace his role as the leader of the opposition against Trump, whose policies he loathes and whose presidency he considers illegitimate.”

The source told the Daily Mail that Obama’s ultimate goal is to force Trump to step down from office, either through resignation or impeachment, and that Obama is furious and “dismayed” at how Trump is destroying his legacy.

InfoWars has more:

As part of the effort, in its final days in office, the Obama administration sought to sabotage Trump’s incoming presidency by spreading, “information about Russian efforts to undermine the presidential election — and about possible contacts between associates of President-elect Donald J. Trump and Russians,” according to a New York Times report.

The Obama-led insurgency is also being fueled by a constant drumbeat of pressure over the administration’s alleged links to Russia, the latest example targeting Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

We continue to see Obama’s fingerprints all over liberals’ massive hysteria to take down Trump, and their latest fake news push about AG Jeff Sessions’ ties with the Russians only proves this even more. But what’s most disturbing is that they WILL NOT STOP until Trump is removed from office, even if that means breaking the law.

If it can be proven that Obama is actively trying to overthrow our government, Trump will without a doubt lock this Muslim traitor up!

What do you think?

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  1. None of this surprises me. Obama is an arrogant, petty, and narcissistic little man who only cares about himself and not what the American people want. Is AG Sessions looking into this?

  2. Let’s face it, You are all just pissed off we had a black president who left office with an approval rating of 64%. You can’t handle it.

    Here’s hoping you get shot down like the racists dogs you are.

    You prove that conservatives are the most hateful losers.

    Not surprising, these are the same racist pricks that has pushed the racist lie that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States, and NEVER posted ONE CREDIBLE evidence of it being true.

    No one “considers” being gay, loon. you either are or you aren’t.

    His college records are “hidden” by the same federal law that makes it illegal for anyone to access those records without your expressed permission.

    But he IS married, and Michelle is, and always has been, a woman.

    Weinstein – Is Obama secretly Muslim? Garrow- No.
    Secretly a Marxist? Garrow- No.
    Secretly Gay? Garrow- No
    Secretly Gay at any time in his life? Garrow- No

    Michelle really is a woman, as her baby pictures show:…1591.5837.0.6039.….0…1ac.1.64.img..0.13.613…0.wXCOX-fWg5c#hl=en&tbm=isch&q=michelle+obama+baby+pictures&imgrc=yWTBScmpqEVowM%3A…1513.9254.0.9582.….0…1ac.1.64.img..0.18.745…0._EQTbhdlP1U#imgrc=3nI5NkOGY7bGdM%3A

    ALSO: Here is a picture of Michelle when pregnant:….0…1ac.1.64.img..2.43.2130.0..0i10k1j0i30k1j0i10i24k1.0QIwoNXh41A#imgrc=3UppNqLeu36s3M: 

    BTW, Obama is not Gay: 

    Obama is not Muslim what holiday did he celebrate during Christmas? did he celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah? did you know his father was Jewish? if his father is Jewish that makes him Jewish you need to do your homework a little better.

    Obama is a Christian and a patriot. He did a good job as president.

    Trump is the traitor, buttwipe. HE – not OBAMA – is under investigation by Congress and the FBI for criminal collusion with Russia. Suck on it.

    Obama IS NOT a traitor, white trash. Now trump and his selling the country to Russia and turning us into a plutocracy — now THAT is traitorous. 

    Except that he is a US Citizen. Even trump who wasted a ridiculous amount of time and money on the birther myth has admitted Obama was born here.

    It is very clear you know nothing about Obama or his wife Michelle. It is also evident that because they, the Obama’s, did not have a pornographic past to look at you will believe anything the reich throws out. And obama has done more to fix America than the pubs could destroy in is 8 years of Bush and 8 years of congressional insubordination.

    Like I said, You racist pricks can’t accept the fact that a black man was President of the United States, even worse today, you racist pricks use this as a distraction from the fact that your great white hope, Klansman Trump, is a great white joke and a failure.

    • Obama’s worthlessness has nothing to do with the color of his skin. FYI, not everyone who disagrees with you or the Ex-Obama Administration is racist. Frankly, it’s disturbing to me, given the opportunity to do great things as the 1st Black President – that he caused greater division in our country and a greater push toward globalism and terrorism. He accomplished nothing good – nothing tangible, nothing worth remembering. How sad to waste his opportunity for greatness!

  3. Hey Question Man, Me thinks thou doth protest too much! You really think all your asinine rantings & links are going to convince people that Obama isn’t the worst President ever?
    PS…Stick your race card up #%$@; it’s expired.

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