Tomi Lahren Shows Off Her Sexy Side On New Facebook Page

Tomi Lahren

By now you’ve probably heard that Tomi Lahren had a falling out with her employer The Blaze and was fired! All because she went on The View and announced her pro-choice views.

Now the young raising star has sometime on her hands and has made a new Facebook page where she’s started to show off her sexy side in these new photos.

Tomi is now in a legal battle with The Blaze over ownership of her old Facebook page, which has 4.2 million fans.  Saying, “The hardest part to overcome was not the fact that I lost my job – I could get a job anywhere but the fact that I lost the direct connection I had with you all,” on her March 29 Facebook post.

While we don’t know what’s next for this young woman, we’re certain where ever she goes it will be in the headline news!

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