Susan Rice May Be Headed To PRISON!

Susan Rice

Andrea Mitchell, from MSNBC’s interviewed Susan Rice, where she asked her if she was the one who unmasked Trump’s associates.

Rice struggled with an answer,  even stammered before she tried to change the topic completely by talking about “RUSSIA.”

WOW, after watching this video it clear that Rice is lying, and she’s in full panic mode.

From Law Newz

From almost the outset of the interview, Rice did not make any effort to deny that she was involved in requests to unmask the identities of Americans inadvertently caught up in intelligence signals intercepts. However, she refused to disclose the identities of any of the individuals who were unmasked, saying it would be a violation of classification laws to do so. Furthermore, she denied that any of it was done for political purposes or as part of a coordinated effort to target the Trump transition team.

Yet, Rice did acknowledge that sometimes after receiving “masked” reports, it would be necessary to find out the identity of the American citizen in order to make the report more useful. It was those instances, she said, a request would be made to “unmask” the American’s identity. She then provided a rather generic hypothetical of how it may have happened.

“Let me give you just a hypothetical example,” Rice said. “Let’s say there was a conversation between two foreigners, about a conversation they were having with an American, who was proposing to sell to them high-tech bomb making equipment.”

She explained it would be necessary to find out the identity of the American to see if he was a legitimate threat or just some “kook.”

Just a few weeks ago the Dems were calling Trump crazy for saying that he was ‘wire tapped’ now Rice acknowledged involvement in the “unmasking” process and review of phone calls that included the names of American citizens.

Just two weeks ago, Rice appeared on PBS and denied that she was involved with reports then from Congressman Devin Nunes of California after he said that he had viewed transcripts that showed top officials in the Obama administration caught up incidental surveillance on Trump transition officials.

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