Judge Jeanine Lets Loose On The Left Who Can’t Get Over Their Election Loss

Judge Jeanine

Judge Jeanine Pirro said on FOX News, “I have a prediction to make. While the left acts like children who just can’t get over the fact that Hillary lost the election and simply won’t stop their abusive invectives against the man who was constitutionally elected, calling him ‘not legitimate,’ and his cabinet ‘scum bags,’ that man is doing the job we hired him to do.”

“He is building up and modernizing the military, as well as strengthening law enforcement.”

She also called out the newly elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee Tom Perez in regard to his statement given at a rally in New Jersey on Friday that “Donald Trump didn’t win the 2016 presidential election.”

It seems like Perez doesn’t understand how presidential elections work!

The left are becoming totally unhinged! The liberals only like democracy when it’s THEIR democracy.

What do you think?

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