Trump Staffer Quits To Joins ‘America First Policies’ Group

Katie Walsh

Trump’s Chief of Staff Katie Walsh has quit and gone over and joined the group America First Policies.

In case you’ve never heard of this group it’s because it brand new. It’s made up from former Trump campaign aides that have joined together in a nonprofit group to promote the White House agenda.

Obama started a similar nonprofit group, called Organizing for Action, to back his agenda when he first became President.

The addition of Walsh will give this group a big boost as she joins with Brad Parscale, Rick Gates, Nick Ayers, David Bossie, Katrina Pierson, and Marty Obst.

Parscale has describe the group saying, “Some of the same like-minded individuals who put their energy into getting Mr. Trump elected are now going to be part of a grassroots group to go out there and help with the agenda, help the White House be successful.” 

America First Policies will research public policies and also try to promote Trump’s causes, such as dismantling and replacing President Barack Obama’s health care law and changing immigration policies.

Gates said, “This goes beyond Trump supporters. We’re trying to capture all people who believe in the Trump agenda.”

Nonprofit groups do not legally have to disclose who their donors are, Obama’s group did so voluntarily on a quarterly basis. So far there’s no word yet on whether America First Policies will do the same.

Obama’s nonprofit group received the supporter lists from his campaign; the America First Policy founders say they’re still assessing what they can lease or obtain from the Trump campaign.

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