Hillary Clinton Drinking HARD Since Election Loss!

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton showed up in San Francisco yesterday where she gave a speech to the Professional Businesswomen meeting and it looks as if she was drunk.

Returning to the public eye after such a humiliating defeat to Donald Trump can’t be an easy thing, so a few drinks would certainly help. Onlookers have revealed that she’s appearing to be in a drunken public stupor more and more these days.

Fortunately Americans dodged a bullet with this woman who many say would have been called “Imbiber-in-Chief.” Speculations about an unspecified medical condition was the frequent conclusion, but was it her drinking?

Heat Street reports:

“Hillary doesn’t seem to have any issues imbibing liquids on a regular basis, she just happens to prefer alcoholic beverages. Maybe that’s part of the problem, given that beer, wine, and liquor can ultimately exacerbate dehydration.”

However, drinking might have been more for the deal-making and less about the buzz, for the power hungry politician. Hillary would have been consuming an unprecedented amount of alcohol in the White House had she been elected, considering her willingness to “schmooze” over booze, according to the New York Times.

What do you think, does Hillary have a drinking problem?

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