Pro Trump Rallies Attacked By Violent Left!

Pro Trump Rallies Attacked

There were about 40 pro-Trump rallies across the US yesterday, as many Trump loyalists showed their support for our President.

While many were peaceful, some were disrupted by the black-clad groups of “Antifa,” people that claim to be ‘anti-fascist’ but who act exactly like fascists. These thugs went to the rally just to cause trouble and attack Trump supporters because they believe it is their right and duty to attack people who don’t agree with them.

Antifa are mostly a group of anarcho-communists, who carry flags that are black, or black and red. The black symbolizes anarchy and the red, communism. Antifa has existed for decades, but has become more known of late with attempted attacks on Trump supporters.

In Philadelphia, police had to deal with scuffles between Trump supporters and the Antifa. Antifa later set things on fire and claimed that they managed to stop the Trump march.

The most trouble happened at the rally in Huntington Beach, California where 2000 Trump marchers were holding events and music on the beach.

trump rally

From LA Times:

Many of the marchers carried American and “Don’t Tread on Me” flags, a symbol of the tea party movement. Some carried signs saying “Build that Wall” and “Blue Lives Matter.”

U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa) attended the march and spoke at the rally before people started marching.

Support for the military was a large component of the march.

Sterling had people bring clothes and other accouterments to be donated to veterans.

Members of the U.S. Marines set up a tent where people could test their physical skills on a pull-up bar.

Shipley Marmion, 49, of Huntington Beach said she’s from a military family and wanted to march to support the military and Trump. She supports strong borders but said there were “people from all countries” at the march.

There were about 30 antifa who tried to block the march and to attack the Trump supporters with pepper spraying and punching marchers including the female event organizer.

The Trump supporters defended themselves, even chasing down the culprits, them and holding them for the police to arrest.

Travis Guenther, whose wife was also pepper-sprayed, said he was among those who chased the masked man. He hit him with a flag that read “Trump, Make America Great Again.”

“I hit him five times with the flag over his head,” said Guenther, who yelled at the man as the man was detained by law enforcement officials.

“We’re not xenophobic,” Guenther said. “We’re not racist. We’re just proud Americans.”

You can see this man was caught with the pepper spray still in his hand:

lefty thug


Four were arrested by police and now face felony charges because of the pepper spraying.

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  1. The police are obviously not doing enough to protect law abiding people from these wannabe communist loving idiots. Anyone showing up at a rally with their face covered should be assumed to be there to cause trouble. What is required at any Trump rally is for the men with guts to assemble into a group prepared to physically attack the trouble makers attacking Trump supporters. To do anything less only emboldens the trouble makers to proceed with their physical attacks upon the innocent. If the cops can’t or won’t control the Communist idiots, then we have to do it ourselves, and don’t be nice about it. If I see any trouble maker physically hurt a Trump supporter, in turn, I will physically attack that trouble maker to cause him great pain. We have to do this or the problem will get worse.

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