Rasmea Odeh – This Is Why We Need Extreme Vetting!

Rasmea Odeh

Rasmea Odeh is the prefect example of why we need extreme vetting. This woman is a convicted terrorist in Israel after she helped bomb the British Embassy back in 1969, and she then lied about it to get into the US and was even given citizenship!

Since she’s been here, Odeh has fought against our way of life, recently she was the person who organized the protest March that blocked roads during his Trump’s inauguration.

Now Odeh has just pleaded guilty to “unlawful procurement of naturalization,” and she is being deported from the country as we speak, so she will not see any jail time. This is because Odeh didn’t reveal that she was a convicted terrorist during her immigration hearing.

Odeh was charged by the Israel government for terrorism for the what she did in a series of explosions in Jerusalem and at the British embassy and a supermarket in 1969. These bombing resulted in many deaths.

She was released from prison after ten years through a prisoner exchange. She then move to America, and she was granted citizenship by 2004.

This is exactly the sort of person the left love, her deportation has left many liberals angry at the world for taking their ‘hero’.

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