Muslims Celebrate After London Attack – Here’s The PROOF!

Muslims Celebrate

It’s amazing that the Left still call Islam the ‘religion of peace’, especially after yesterday’s cowardly attack on innocent people in London. And right after the attack, Muslims once again took to the internet and social media to show their support for the attack.

Yes, as we have seen this many times before, and as innocent people died on the streets of London, the Muslims cowards celebrated. You can see here from screenshots of a live Facebook video stream by Al Jazeera many people were pointing out the fact that so many Muslims “like” the video showing the carnage from London with smiley and laughing faces.

Aldo Sterone, who was watching the live feed at the same time, commented, “I am watching Al Jazeera live. You wouldn’t believe the number of likes, “well done” and “allahu akbar”.

It seems like the Left has forgotten what happened on September 11, 2001, the day 3000 innocent people lost their lives just because they went about their daily business.

And yes, once again  Muslims cheered and celebrated.

Lets not forget the 2006 Pew Global Attitudes study, it was found that 42% of Muslims in France aged 18-29 thought that suicide bombings were sometimes justified. Also, polls here in the US show majority support for Sharia Law and 1/4 support violence against Americans.

And there is somewhere between 3 million to 7 million Muslims live in the US today, and that number is rapidly increasing!

How much longer will the west be blinded by ignorance, political correctness, and sheer stupidity before we say “ENOUGH is ENOUGH!”

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