Muslim Woman Ignores London Terror Attack Victims!

Muslim Woman

There is outrage today over this photo of a young Muslim woman walking past the victims, just minutes after yesterdays Muslim terror attack in London.

Main Stream Media is refusing to call the attacker Muslim, instead calling him ‘Asian’ of ‘extremist’, but we know the truth! This is another attack on Christians by a MUSLIM!

As for this Muslim woman walking past ignoring the carnage, well why should she care, if your not Muslim then your an infidel and your life is worthless.

It’s only natural that if you see someone dying in front of you and injured people all around, to have a look of horror and concern on your face, yet this woman walks by with a look of indifferent.

Once again a Muslim attacker used a vehicle as a weapon, driving an estimated 70 miles per hour into a crowd, killing five, and injuring at least 40. Good Samaritans were quick to rushed to the aid of the victims, comforting them and trying to help in the frantic seconds before EMTs arrived.

In‘s report of the photo, the article said that Twitter users were too quick judge this woman who was simply doing what she should have by not being “inappropriate” in inserting herself in a scene that was “clearly already under the control of professionals.” There were no professionals in this picture helping the victim, just compassionate people. While nobody expected her to administer first aid, it’s her lack of response that made it rather alarming to so many.

Some Twitter users said she was likely afraid for her life, being a Muslim woman susceptible to attack by enraged passersby who saw what a Muslim terrorist had just done.

Once again liberal apologists are quick to defend Islam, but this picture speaks volumes!

What do you think?

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