Obama Holds SECRET Meeting With Silicon Valley Executives As He Goes After Trump!


So what was ex-President Obama doing in a ‘secret meeting’ with Silicon Valley tech bosses? Well it could only be one thing, and that is plotting against President Trump!

This is Obama’s first visit to the Bay Area since he left office in January, and sources told NBC Bay Area that Obama had a meeting with tech bosses at the Fairmont hotel in downtown San Jose.

There were Secret Service agents and bomb-sniffing dogs seen around the hotel, and some guests said they saw Obama.

Before Obama arrived in San Jose he stopped in Omaha briefly on Sunday for a lunch meeting with billionaire Warren Buffett.

Buffett and Obama have a long-standing relationship, back in 2011 Obama awarded Buffett the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Obama has taken the unusual step of staying in Washington after the end of his term in office as he continues to plot against Trump and undermine his Presidency, but has so far he hasn’t spoken publicly against Trump and his policies.

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