Trump Hires 50 Judges To Speed Up Deportations!


It was back on Jan. 25 that President Trump issued an executive order to help speed up deportations and holding migrants in detention until their cases can be heard, thus ending Obama’s catch and release policy.

The controversial  catch and release policy saw immigrants released from detention and ordered to appear in court on a certain date. But with Immigration courts having a backlog of over 550,000 cases, many court dates are set years into the future.

Now 50 new Judges are being hired by the Justice Department to help clear up this massive backlog. The Justice Department’s plan is to ask more judges to volunteer for one or two month deployments at detention centers. If the department cannot find enough volunteers, the department would assign judges to detention centers.

The volunteer Judges will be first 50 deployed to detention centers in Adelanto, California; San Diego, Chicago and elsewhere.

Of course lefties are already attacking Trump’s policy on immigrants with Democratic lawmakers saying that he is jeopardizing the rights and freedoms of millions.

What do you think?

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