Obama And Clinton Launch Robo Calls To Resist Trump, Scott Baio Responds With This!

Obama And Clinton

TV actor Scott Baio was one of the first to report Twitter users have been receiving the robotic phone calls, which were reportedly seeking to raise money for Democrats hoping to block President Trump’s new executive order on immigration, also referred to as the travel ban, and to stop Republicans from replacing Obamacare.

Twitter users also report receiving automated calls from Obama encouraging them to disrupt town hall meetings in congressional districts and to urge elected officials to reject Trump’s cabinet nominees.



There has been no word yet as to who is responsible for these calls, or if in fact this is only a scam. As soon as we find out we’ll let you know so check back often!

What do you think, is Obama behind these calls?

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  1. That’s it! Time to prosecute and jail these seditious, treasonous globalusts!
    President Trump, Mr. Sessions, please get these people out of the way to making America great again!

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