Muslims Take Over Dallas Fort Worth Airport After Mayor Says THIS!

Muslims Take Over

Travelers arriving at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport were horrified to see the terminal taken over with Muslims after the mayor said they were welcome there.

Blocking parts of the airport they stopped their protest to take time to pray with their Islamic rituals and chants.

The mayor of Dallas had said that Muslim were welcome at ‘HIS’ airport and apologized to all those who had been detained at DFW. But his little love in backfired when hundreds of Muslims showed up, completely taking over the baggage area, and then started a loud Arab call to prayer to protest against President Trump’s ban.

Mainstream Media called it a protest, but really it was a show of power as they forced everyone around them to listen to their ritual and blocked them from passing.

Do you think Muslims are trying to take over?

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  1. This is just the beginning of A well orchestrated movement to see How much they can get away with.If we don’t nip this in the bud, we will have Anarchy in the streets very soon! We as Americans, and those people living here who love America are Peace loving Freedom seeking people, will only take so much of this bull shit that’s being stuffed down thier throats! If we get no action by our Government, and the Courts all hell will break out. God help us Amen.

    • The governments, (State Fed and local) are impotent save their constant efforts to raise their own salaries, and increase the perks they receive. Nepotism abounds and soon we will be back in the middle ages where families will lord over all the land and we will be privileged to work said land and take a small menial percentage of the bounty from that land. We need to clean house, drain the swamp, get rid of all these old timers and start repealing hundreds of laws which interfere with free enterprise and general liberty.We need to homestead some of the National Parks and State parks lands too. Let people get back to the land. Do you realize that government owns more than 1 third of the land mass of the US?? preposterous.That is our land bought with our fathers money.

  2. Oh those goat rapers get in my way of anything I will go through them. I will not tolerate them, I know what they are like I dealt with them down range I know what they are up to and not on my watch, medically retired ETS military so I know them SOB.

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