Wikileaks Claims Obama Hacked Both Rivals And Friends!


WikiLeaks has dropped another bombshell as they reveal that Obama ordered the hacking of not only his rivals but also his friends.

The tweet says, “Obama has a history of tapping and hacking his friends and rivals.”

It lists previous incidents of NSA spying on world leaders including UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and former French President Nicholas Sarkozy.

Here’s a link to the information.

The fact that Obama spied on Angela Merkel has already been previously confirmed.

cia hack

Last week they revealed the fact that the CIA were hacking everybody as they released leaked classified documents which showed how far they have gone.

While the U.S. has of course spied on people in the past, the level and nature of the events alleged to have been spied on here seem more than the norm, although we don’t know the backstory in any of these alleged cases.

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