Obama To Be Investigated By Germany Over Hacking!

vault 7

It seems that Obama is not out of the woods yet regarding the hacking of US ally Germany. A new round of Wikileaks called ‘Vault 7’ has opened up old wounds.

It started last week with ‘Obamagate’ exposing damning evidence that could land Obama a federal indictment, for his spying on President Trump. And now Germany has jumped on board after new information has shed more light on the spying carried out by US intelligence

Germany’s chief prosecutor Harald Rang announced an investigation of the Wikileaks documents and that they’d be seeking justice, with Obama being the main defendant.

All this after Wikileaks released their largest data dump in history on Tuesday called “Vault 7,” people around the world quickly learned just how far Obama’s spying obsession truly went. It was revealed that Obama’s CIA used their German facility in Frankfurt as the hacking base for their clandestine activities. But unlike the liberal idiots here who continue to plead Obama’s innocence, Germany wants to make Obama accountable announcing their intentions to not only investigate him, but to possibly prosecute as well. Gateway Pundit reported:

US Consulate in Frankfurt

The documents reveal the CIA used Frankfurt as a remote hacking base for clandestine activities. The top secret CIA unit used the German city of Frankfurt am Main as the for numerous hacking attacks on Europe, China and the Middle East.

In response Germany’s chief prosecutor announced an investigation of the Wikileaks documents.

wikileaks tweet

This is yet another embarrassing moment to his all important “legacy” as he could soon be facing prosecution for his illegal activities.

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