Dearborn Michigan Has Been Taken Over By Muslims – This Video Is SHOCKING!

Dearborn Michigan

Dearborn, Michigan is now a city overrun by immigrants, as it’s now being filled with mosques and Islamic stores.

This has happened because of President Obama’s liberal immigration policy. Now they have become rooted in our communities and as they begin to grow their hated of Christians and our way of life grows.

Many of these people are refugees are on welfare and using entitlement benefits which puts an added burden on the American taxpayers.

These communities are not integrated and also see a higher incidence of violence and religious crimes. With traditionally majority people being treated as minorities. Such is the case in the example of Christians having stones thrown at them as seen in the video below.

Being allowed to move the United States is a privilege and this is how they treat us in return. If this is how they behave then why did they want to come here in the first place unless it’s because they want to take over.

Hopefully under the Trump administration will can clean up these neighborhoods up and ensure no new ones are established.

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  1. When riots were about jobs and political adjenders rubber bullets and watercannons were used to make them disperse,why aren’t they used to do the same with rioting Muslims all over Europe and America,to do nothing is a sign of weakness and the riots will only get worse because they think all they have to do is violence and the establishment will cave in to the minority

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