George W. Bush Defends Trump Over Media Attacks – Video

George W. Bush

Former President George W. Bush defended Trump from the relentless attacks from the new media. Speaking his mind he said that todays media is different that when he was president.

He appeared on NBC’s “TODAY,” with Matt Lauer who asked Bush what he thought of President Trump’s job in office so far.

The former president responded by saying the media haven’t exactly made President Trump’s job all that easy.

“When I was president, you (the major networks) mattered a lot more,” Bush told Lauer with a smile on his face. “Because there were, like, three of you. And now there’s all kinds of information being bombarded out. People can say things anonymously, and it’s just a different world.”

Obama should take note, this is how a real president behaves.  It’s was about time that someone speaks out.

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  1. Good thing AQ and ISIS haven’t realized the facts just yet, but by hitting civilians they get no adherents. By hitting the media they’ll score lots of points. Sad commentary.

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