It Turns Out Chuck Schumer Is Good Friends With Putin!

Chuck Schumer and Putin

Old Chuck Schumer is quick to accuse other of being buddy buddy with the Russian’s, but now these photo’s of him and Putin getting along have come out.

How embarrassing for Chuck and the rest of the hypocritical Democrats!

Especially after he called for Jeff Sessions’ resignation even though it’s clear that Sessions didn’t do anything wrong.

Here’s more…

From Allen B. West:

Does ANYONE actually believe a representative — anyone — from Donald Trump’s campaign spoke to a Russian ambassador or envoy some time last summer and said “Hey, can you help us out on beating Hillary? How ‘bout some of your hackers burrow into some Democrat email accounts, find a bunch of damaging stuff, and then send it over to Wikileaks so they can publish it?”

It’s gotten so ridiculous that even a random conversation with an ambassador — something over thirty Democrat Senators have done, because it’s PART OF THEIR JOB — becomes tantamount to treason.

What do you think?

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